Summer Reading

The GoldfinchI’m putting The Goldfinch at the top of my wishful summer reading list. Its author, Donna Tart, just won the 2014 Pulitzer for Fiction for it and I’ve been hearing raves. I’m wishful because still reading Lean In and its been almost  year since I’ve finished a book but I’m determined to find some time for reading this summer. There’s something about summer that puts me in the mood to drop the to-do list and pick up a book. I may even treat myself to something like this so I can read in the garden.

RVA Musician Nelly Kate

Beautiful song by local musician Nelly Kate, filmed in a former power plant on Richmond’s Belle Island, a downtown park on the James River. I’ll be featuring more of the artists and makers that shape Richmond’s culture in my new series, RVA Made. Stay tuned!

via Hometown Junket

Moments From our Week

20140405-114742.jpg1. The big-girl bed on the floor has not won over Marguerite but is JJ’s new favorite place to sit. 2. Always smiling. 3. Brown bear’s stroll into Carytown. 4. Twirling in the playground buckets. 5. An Easter egg hunt in the boxwood garden at Marguerite’s preschool. 20140405-114617.jpg





Riding the Tongue Tiger

asian spiceYup, that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Working with Richmond friends on the launch of Crunch Dynasty, a most delicious “exotic hot topping” based on a heritage family recipe. One part Chinese mother-in-law, one part creative-foodie son-in-law and voila, Crunch. It lends a spicy garlic-and-pepper flavor and a crunchy texture, too, which is my favorite part. Love it on everything from stir-fry to mac ‘n’ cheese and deviled eggs. It’s sold online and in Whole Foods. Taking over the world soon. Here we added it to Panko-fried chicken. Yum!

Richmond’s French Film Festival

french_film_festivalOne of my favorite Richmond events is happening this weekend, the  French Film Festival. Each March you can hear French spoken in the wonderful, historic Byrd Theater and throughout our Carytown neighborhood.

The films can be hit or miss, depending on your penchant for ennui, but they usually haven’t been released in the states yet. Directors and actors discuss the films and often they get distribution after appearing at our festival. Pretty cool.

Tonight Scott and I are going to the headlining film, Jean & Béatrice, starring the adorable Amélie Glenn, who will discuss the film afterwards with her co-star, Nicolas Melocco, the director and producer. Can’t wait.

Jemima Kirke at Home in Brooklyn Heights

I’m still moderately obsessed with the HBO show Girls (remember?), and though Jessa is in a downward spiral this season, her bohemian style is still enviable. I wonder how much of her character’s look is truly actress Jemima Kirke’s own. (Did you know her mother owns this West Village, NY repurposed-vintage shop, Geminola?) Here’s a day in Jemima Kirke’s life in Brooklyn Heights.

jemima kirke


jemima kirke

jemima kirke

jemima kirke

jemima kirke

jemima kirke








Photos by Kristina Loggia via New York magazine.

Plus, another look at Jemima Kirke at home.

Vintage Virginia Beach

I love the old footage of the Virginia Beach in this music video. Perfect song for a lazy afternoon in the park.

(Scott likes to stash this Bluetooth speaker in the bottom of the stroller when we roll.)